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The Long and the Short of it by Mark Lewis

The Long and the Short of it by Mark Lewis
The Long and the Short of it by Mark Lewis
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The Long and the Short of it by Mark Lewis
Moves, routines, and stories around the Svengali deck.

"Okay, I'm impressed!!! Your book on The Long and the Short of It is wonderful. I'm still working on a few of the moves that I never dreamed were possible with a Svengali Deck. Excellent Routine!!! You've definitely put in the time and have the expertise with this trick to be called a Master. You get 2 big thumbs way up for your book." - Doug Howe
"Mark Lewis has spent a considerable amount of time pitching Svengali decks. He has written a useful and succinct manuscript on the subject. There is no padding. The routine Mark explains has been used under fire for more than 30 years. I'm pretty sure you'll find some moves that are new to you." - Michael Close

"A remarkable achievement. Mark has spent over 30 years putting together this astonishing pitch and it shows! I might just quit my job (whatever that is) and start to pitch Svengalis. I thank him for writing such a wonderful book." - Paul Harris

This ebook details the best Svengali routine and handling that has ever been published.
Full of anecdotes about the world of the trick card pitchman and a description of a routine that has been under fire for over 30 years. It has amazed and is still amazing thousands and thousands of people at consumer and trade shows. Described therein are new moves and handlings which have never seen print. Here are just a few: The Svengali riffle shuffle, the Svengali Overhand Shuffle, The Fan, The Jackie Cook Spread, The Lambert Spread, The Hand Spread, The Spread and Turnover, the Stuthard Drop and many more.

Ideas from famous pitchmen and magicians such as Ali Bongo, Joe Stuthard, Dave Walker, Eric Ward, Ron Macmillan, Lambert the Magician, Johnny Neptune, Jackie Cook and others.

The PDF also includes a video of Mark Lewis performing is Svengali pitch.

"Hands down, this is the best thing I've ever seen on the deck. Congratulations. It's one terrific publication. Very, very good stuff. I've learned a hell of a lot. Who da thunk that the best book of 2001 would be a 38 Page pamphlet on the Svengali Deck??? I did your routine verbatim last night at my office Christmas party. Sensational. It's not often that people yelp with glee during a card trick. Your biggest problem is no one decent is going to believe they can learn anything of value about working a Svengali, or want to. I emailed someone after we spoke and said that you should sell the thing for $100-$300, including a svengali deck, an order form to buy decks wholesale, your pitch and a video. No one is going to believe this. I repeat. No one is going to believe this." - Bill Nagler M.D.
"I wanted to take the time to tell you how much I enjoyed The Long and the Short of It. It was well worth the wait! Truthfully, I relished the stories of the Svengali pitch men that you've encountered as much as I did your routine and the other moves you describe. Please also convey my compliments to your illustrator. I've done some illustrating for magic myself, and I know what a tough job it can be. She did a terrific job. I find your sense of humor quite appealing, which makes your manuscript fun to read on more than one level. Between the snappy writing style and the colorful stories you have to tell, I'm hoping that you will be writing some more stuff in the future, even if you only stick to personal reminiscences. None of which takes away from the fact that your Svengali Deck routine is truly a very strong one (Maybe it even is the best one of all!) and some of the moves you describe are new to me, even with all the research I've been compiling." - Alan Wassilak

Chapter One
Mechanics And Handling
Handling The Svengali Deck
The Run
The Double Lift
The Riffle Shuffle
The Overhand Shuffle
The Fan
The Spread (And Turnover)
The Drop
The Jackie Cook Spread
The Hand Spread
The Lambert Spread
Chapter Two
The Mark Lewis Svengali Routine
Where It Came From
Chapter Three
The Rehash
The Larceny Trick
False Explanation Trick
Chapter Four
Tricks With A Svengali Deck
Stabbing Trick #1
Stabbing Trick #2
Reverse Card
Finding Card At Given Number
Clock Trick
Torn And Restored Card
Mental Miracle
Dice Trick
Thought Card
Blindfold Effect
Card From Pocket
Pile Trick
Chapter Five
Final Word

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