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The Foundations of Card Magic by Asad Chaudhry

The Foundations of Card Magic by Asad Chaudhry
The Foundations of Card Magic by Asad Chaudhry
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The Foundations of Card Magic by Asad Chaudhry

The Foundations of Card Magic is a full length in-depth course that I've been wanting to create for a while now. I will teach the proper foundation to solid card magic and many powerful effects that I have never taught before. Learning magic from YouTube is great; but a DVD format will allow me to teach card magic in a more structured and in-depth way. I have been studying magic for the last 12 years and this DVD will include the strongest card magic that I have come across. Much of this material I have never taught before; and never will again outside of this project.

The goal of this DVD is to be easily approachable for complete beginners, but also provide a lot of value for experienced magicians. The topics I will cover include:

Basic Card Handling Skills

When learning a new skill it is common for people to jump ahead of themselves and attempt to learn very complicated and advanced stuff before mastering the basics. Why? Because we are impatient and lack the foresight to take baby steps towards an end goal. Do yourself a favor and LEARN THE BASICS FIRST. This will prevent you from picking up any bad habits, and will help attain the level of skill you want more quickly and effectively.

Sleight of Hand Technique

This is where the hours and hours of practice come into play. Some of the strongest card magic uses secret moves or "sleights" that your audience  should never see. There are thousands of sleights out there, but only a handful of them that you need to know how to do to be a great magician. I'll show you what you should concentrate most of your time on practicing.


Card flourishes are fancy moves that are extremely impressive and demonstrate a high level of skill. These moves range from multi-packet cuts, fanning, springing, and other visual displays. Flourishing isn't directly related to magic, however it can be used lure your audience in and help establish some credibility.


It's miracle time. I'll teach you how to put it all together to create effects and tricks that will amaze people. These pieces of magic have been hand selected by me and are the routines that I personally use on a regular basis. All of the material is strong, practical, and tested. 

Backers of this project will receive a copy of the DVD as soon as it's ready along with some awesome bonuses...

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