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The Exception by Unnamed Magician

The Exception by Unnamed Magician
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The Exception by Unnamed Magician

The trick that fooled the best cardmen in the world.

"'The Exception' totally fooled me. The method is diabolical. All the avenues to explanation are blocked. That's what an impossible location is supposed to do. And this trick does it." - Mike Powers

"'The Exception' is composed of several known and reliable methods arranged in a way that will make them unrecognizable to most students of card magic methodology. If you are looking for something quick and easy to add to your existing strolling set, this is probably not for you. However, if you're a fan of impossible locations that employ an ordinary deck that can be given away after your performance, this is a sound investment." - Michael Weber

"This shows why Unnamed Magician is the master of impossible locations. I don't see anyone standing a chance with layers upon layers to the method." - Tomas Blomberg

"A fooling mystery with a satisfying solution." - Ollie Mealing

"This trick fooled me and it will fool you, there are so many layers of deception that your spectator will have no chance. The combination of methods makes this the most fooling card location (done with a deck the spectator can examine to their heart's content) I have seen." - Kevin Aust

"If I was the creator of this method I would take it to my grave. Consider yourself lucky that a secret this good is being sold." - Tommaso Guglielmi

"Once in a while an unknown magician will surface with new and fresh ideas, creating astounding routines that baffle and surprise me. This card trick is no exception." - Darren Purshall

"This is an invaluable lesson in out-of-the-box thinking and any serious performer or hobbyist should learn from this. Things this fooling come out maybe once a decade." - Tony Bianco

In this ebook, I want to share with you a card location method that I've used to fool some of the most well-known and most knowledgeable card magicians in the world. Guys who you'd have expected would be impossible to fool, they were fooled by this. Guys who I've never fooled before, they were fooled by this. In addition to that, I've used this to fool some of my own magician friends who are far more knowledgeable and smarter than I am. These are friends who have pretty much figured out all of my tricks - all of the tricks that I've published so far and even the ones that I haven't published, when I performed any of them for these guys they eventually figured out the method. But they weren't able to figure out the method for this one - this is the one "exception" that fooled them.

I consider this effect to be my strongest creation to date. Not only that, but I also don't think any of my future creations will surpass this. It's a card location effect - a plot that we're all too familiar with. There are quite literally thousands of card locations out there. But the test conditions under which this one is performed separate it from a lot of others in my opinion. And I hope you will see that as well.

As for the effect, a written description isn't necessary because a friend of mine has taken the liberty to demo a full performance (with a spectator), which is shown below. However, I want to list some conditions that you should keep in mind before you watch the video (because, without the conditions, the effect is nothing special):

  • The spectator can fully examine the deck (front and back) at the beginning of the effect to ensure that it's a regular deck. When performing this for magicians, at the start of the effect, I would ask them to riffle along the short and long sides of the deck to ensure that the deck is not a marked deck (because, if the deck was marked, the effect would be trivial). They can also examine the deck at the start of the effect to check for other things: to make sure there aren't any pencil dots, any crimps, any nicks, etc. Once they're done verifying that the deck is ungimmicked / ungaffed, then the effect can begin.
  • The magician does not peek at the faces during the deal.
  • The method is 100% reliable - the effect will never fail. So, as you watch the video, if you think of a method that is iffy / could potentially fail, then you've got the wrong method in mind.

In the PDF you will learn the method to the effect in the video and you will also learn another similar effect that can be accomplished using the same method - so there are two effects taught that use this method. In fact, the strongest effect possible with this method isn't the one in the video - it is the other one that I describe and explain in the PDF.

Note: In addition to the above, there is a bonus routine taught as well (also a card location). It uses a completely different method and is very powerful in its own right.

1st edition 2024, PDF 22 pages.
word count: 8562 which is equivalent to 34 standard pages of text

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Reviewed by Richard Weber (confirmed purchase)
★★★★★   Date Added: Friday 17 May, 2024


I am familiar with many methods of working with cards, and locating a card, but the method used in this effect is one that I had not come across previously. I purchased this on the first day of release and have enjoyed reading the pdf. The method is indeed devious. The author goes into interesting discussions of why the method is so fooling, and how it compares to other effects using tangentially related ideas.

The effect is primarily designed to fool magicians. Lay spectators would perhaps not appreciate why the conditions are so much more challenging as in a run-of-the-mill card location trick (Dai Vernon's Emotional Reaction, for instance). However, I performed it today for a nonmagician friend and he was greatly entertained. He has seen many of my tricks and told me this is one I should definitely include in my repertoire when performing for friends. He truly believed that I must have been able to divine his card in an extra-sensory manner, especially since I revealed it just after saying "I hope you are still concentrating hard". The video of course only shows the bare-bones procedures of the effect. It can be dressed up to be more entertaining than the video might first suggest.

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