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The Classic Force with Ian Kendall

The Classic Force with Ian Kendall
The Classic Force with Ian Kendall
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The Classic Force with Ian Kendall
Pick a card with confidence
"Before Ian showed me his method for the Classic Force, I thought I knew everything there was to know about it, but I was wrong! After a late night lesson from Ian at The Session Convention I discovered a true revelation" Nathan Jones

Imagine this; you are performing for a group, and have already had three or four cards chosen in previous routines. Now you come to your killer routine; the duplicate card is loaded inside the cantaloupe under the bride’s chair, and all you have to do is force the card. You smile at the groom and then you do a riffle force, or a backslip, or something else that is completely different to everything you have done so far. And then you wake up from your nightmare in a cold sweat.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could use the same procedure to force a card that magicians all over the world do to have a card selected – simply spread the cards between your hands – and have the confidence to know that you are going to hit that force? How about if that technique was broken down into easily learnable sections and taught by an award winning magic teacher?

Guess what? Ian Kendall has taken his almost thirty years’ experience with the classic force and combined it with his well known teaching method to create a lesson that will break down the common barriers to learning this legendary sleight and give you the confidence to be able to have a card selected without breaking a sweat. When you see the step by step instructions that each build on the previous lesson to help you learn quickly and efficiently, you will realise that any fear you had about the force can be dismissed and you will never look back – once you learn this technique it will stay with you forever!

In this 52 minute download video Ian breaks the move down into its parts, and then builds them up with you. He explains what the move is not, and then what it is before talking about how to practice the force on your own, and with a friend, and how to start using it in the trenches. He explains what to do if you encounter a difficult spectator, and what to do if you run into difficulties. It’s the perfect lesson on a near perfect move.

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