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Perna - Mirror Touch, A No Touch PK Touch by Perna

Perna - Mirror Touch, A No Touch PK Touch by Perna
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Perna - Mirror Touch, A No Touch PK Touch by Perna

Ross Bartels makes an appearnace on Perna’s gumroad with a PK touch effect that involves no physical touches!

With the theme of human connection and how it’s a core aspect of our nature, especially between close family or friends, A participant is invited to take part in a demonstration based on this concept. The performer first notes something on a billet, which is placed face down on the table. The participant is asked to place their hand over the billet.

The participant is then instructed to close their eyes, relax, and engage their imagination. Once the participant agrees to do this, they are instructed to envision someone they are close to standing in front of them. They are told to imagine this person reaching forward and gently touching them.

The participant is informed to ‘nod’ when they truly feel this touch. After they have nodded, they are asked to confirm that they “felt” the touch, which they do… even though no one has touched them!

They are now asked to open their eyes. The performer asks the participant where they felt the touch. They answer and the performer reminds them (and the audience) that they had a free choice over where they were touched.

It could’ve been the head, shoulder, knee, face, back, and so on. But they felt it on the hand/arm. But was it a free choice? Could it have been imposed upon them?

The participant is asked to turn over the piece of card under their hand. They do so and see an X drawn on the arm of a pictorial voodoo doll. The participant reacts and confirms that that is where they felt the touch!

This is the first time this effect has been published since its appearance in Perna’s book, Orestium!

In this manuscript, you will learn more variants, including a close-up variant from Perna and a stage variant, and a technique to do PK touches that does not involve physical touches!

This has been a workhorse in Perna’s and Ross Bartel’s repertoire for years and now it can all be yours!

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